A new beginning? Or the same dead end?

Everyone on the planet fears something, and thus many people share the same fears: the fear of heights, fear of the dark, fear of flying…fear of failing, fear of spiders, those last two are ones I am quite familiar with. Spiders are natures little demons and they damn well know it! But it is the second to last I am most afraid of. That I am most ashamed of. The fear of failing, of coming up short, of just not being good enough is a common thought that crosses most minds, but some are better at swiping it away than others. The thought may come to some and they simply scoff at the idea that they cannot stand up in front of the room and give a damn impressive speech. Another, like myself, may sweat bullets at the idea of standing ahead of all those faces and attempt to give a presentation; hell, say a single word! Fear is such a strong force that it can wrap itself around your very being and hold you in place forever. The fear of failing, or maybe even the fear of not failing (?) has been such a constant presence in my life that i’m afraid I may even be accustomed to it now, that perhaps if it were actually gone I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. But it must, at the very least, be pushed back some! If you do not attempt to live, then why are you living at all?

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